Investor FAQs

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What is LanzaTech’s ticker symbol?
Nasdaq: LNZA
How can I invest in LanzaTech?
Shares of LanzaTech can be purchased through any full service or discount registered broker. You cannot purchase shares directly from the Company.
When was LanzaTech founded?
When did LanzaTech go public?
February 2023
Who is LanzaTech’s transfer agent?

LanzaTech’s transfer agent is Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company and can be contacted by e-mailing or by calling (800) 509-5586

Where can I find documents LanzaTech has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?
Our filings can be found on the SEC’s EDGAR website by searching the ticker "LNZA".
Where is LanzaTech’s corporate headquarters?
Skokie, Illinois
When does LanzaTech’s fiscal year end?
December 31st
How can I be added to LanzaTech’s email distribution list?
Click here to sign up for e-mail alerts. You will be able to select which automatic updates you would like to receive.
Who can I contact with additional questions?
For additional investor related information, please reach out to