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LanzaTech has invented a technology big enough to meet the moment. One that transforms pollution and ensures humans continue to prosper. A future where there is no such thing as waste, and where, in fact, waste is the raw material for the next generation of products. Since 2005, we have been working to create this closed-loop system using waste carbon to make the things we use in our daily lives. LanzaTech is changing how people think about carbon, creating value and new sustainable products across multiples markets.

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LanzaTech Impact

LanzaTech’s mission is to create a post-pollution future where waste carbon is the building block from which everything is made. We are focused on bringing about real and long-lasting change and believe it is possible to build a strong and profitable business while prioritizing social and environmental needs: doing well by doing good.

Our core business and technology contribute to this future and enable a circular carbon economy by transforming waste carbon into new sustainably produced fuels and chemicals, providing consumers with sustainable products with  lower environmental impact. All while keeping virgin fossil inputs underground. We are also committed internally to fostering a culture where we use resources wisely, minimize waste, and seek to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising what we do.

In addition to our technology, our global team, our communities, and those our technology touches are critical to LanzaTech’s business and success. We work hard to create and maintain safe, productive, and creative work environments where our team members can thrive, contribute, and maintain personal well-being. We are actively building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace where people of all cultures and backgrounds can succeed.

Good governance is the foundation upon which we operate and significantly impacts  all aspects of our business – from our customers and partners to employees and leadership to our shareholders. We believe that strong governance promotes a culture of integrity by increasing accountability across all levels of the company. Transparency, oversight, compliance, and ethical business practices lead to a better grasp of social issues related to our business and daily operations.

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